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One Bright Day In the Middle of the Night“. Purchase your copy today

here’s an excerpt from “One Bright Day”:

His visage reminded her of something she saw in a history book. He bore the features of egyptian royalty or an ancient hashashin. She allowed the cognac to sit on her tongue. Exploring all the flavors and effort that went into the creation of this liquid art. It permeated her cells, sending waves of euphoria through her brain. It brought calm to the storm as she breathed deep. Spirits such as this should be savored, meditated to. It should waft over you like the melodic bliss of a david bowie song. Hypnotic and true Dallas was lying in bed with Lincoln. the day had gone on longer than expected and she was exhausted from the sheer pleasure of hanging out with him. They had come back to his place to chat some more and then the activity itis set in. She lay nuzzled in his chest as he said…

“…the conversations I’ve had with just dying people are some of the most provocative i’ve ever had. The honesty that spills out of one that knows their next few breaths are precious, rarer than any stone or metal deemed beloved by humankind. It makes you think about what makes a life? Is it the legacy we leave behind? Our deeds? The money we make? What is the proper way to live? Day to day trudging along some job that eats just a little bit of ourselves everyday? There was a level in the divine comedy that depicted just that. How could a journey into hell be a comedy? Is misery funny?”

“you’ve got too much on your mind Link, Relax”

“I’ trying to but I’ve got so much on my mind. The hospital has this new clock-in computer system where they even want to monitor how long you take your breaks. It’s hard enough being a nurse without having management up your ass now even if you want to step out and get some air. And now this thing with Rhoda and marriage and the games she’s playing…ugh…i’m not good at playing games. Video games yeah, I’ll slaughter you. But these life games. I’m just not good at it. The subtle nuances are the most troublesome for me. I either over read an action or miss something completely that is to most people obvious. It bedazzles me. Just so fucking awkward sometimes you know? She’s such a go getter and go getters get to me because they tend to be very greedy people. Their main motivation for getting stuff done with such fervor is for the chance of making more money. They don’t chase pure happiness with the same ferocity. Using money as a reason to do anything is the worst reason ever & society on the whole has yet to realize it. Putting so much faith in something that’s imaginary. And everything in her life has got to be moving at this frenetic pace, and the funny thing…”

“Link…sweet jesus give it a rest”

“Whatever…got anything special going on this week?”

“going to a funeral with the Willow”